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Clj020514 started this conversation
I am a mother of 3. I am in need of a miracle... I work but I dont work full time. I am a CNA but it's hard to find work full time.. It was hard enough to find the job I already have.. I am asking for help.. I don't ever ask for help yet alone from strangers.. All I'm asking for from some kind heart soul is if I can have just a little help with a deposit & first months rent. I can take it from there.. I would from the bottom of my heart appreciate it..
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thriftymom   in reply to annie46
What is family tree?
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Clj020514
U welcome
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Clj020514   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thanks a lot I actually googled exactly what you said & I found a few resources.. I never thought of that.. Being that it's Friday I'll have to wait until Monday but hopefully I can get some assistance with moving., thanks again.
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Hi I wanted to suggest to you Human Services, Family Tree,or Salvation Army they help with moving expense.
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woman in a shoe
Hi all we can do is give u information where u mite get help. There is places that help with what u are ask for if they got the funds. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state u will fine a list of place that helps with all kind of stuff if they got the funds
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